Who we are

About ELCA ACS srl

Thanks to the long experience of its founders in these fields of activity, our Company is specialized in the distribution of power electronic components for medium and high frequency induction heating and of communication systems for marine, security, healthcare and industrial applications. Being the official representative of the leading manufacturers in these market sectors, ELCA ACS srl can provide the most advanced products and all the necessary technical support.


ELCA ACS srl is the official and unique representative in Italy of the following Companies:

  • Celem Passive Capacitors Ltd, world leader in the production of high performance power capacitors for medium and high frequency induction heating. Celem Passive Components Ltd is also recognised and highly prized for its constant research and innovation process.
  • Beijing Phamitech Ltd, a Chinese Company specialized in the production of ceramic power capacitors and triodes

Furthermore, thanks to the cooperation with other leading manufacturers, we provide a complete range of electronic components such as high voltage diodes, rectifier bridges, MOSFETs, Thyristors (SCR) and power dioders, DC-Link and filter capacitors, “custom” solutions for specific needs.

Marine communication systems

ELCA ACS srl represents in Italy Zenitel Norway AS, Inelteh and Inelmar.

  • Zenitel Norway AS is well known for the brands VingtorStentofon, PhontechSteenhans  and is specialized in the production of communication systems able to operate in the most critical and severe conditions.

In particular we are the official representatives of Zenitel Norway AS in Italy for the marine and off-shore sectors and we can offer their Intercom, Talk-Back, Batteryless phones, Public Address & General Alarm, entertainment (terrestrial and satellite TV), IPTV, Master-Clock, IP-DECT and wireless paging systems.

Zenitel Norway AS offers a complete product range that covers the most specific needs of the various applications: yatchs, super yachts, cruise vessels, merchant ships, work boats, supply vessels and off-shore platforms. In particular we offer a complete range of ATEX certified products for EX zones.

  • Inelteh and Inelmar are specialized in the production of marine electronic systems such as:
    • Signalization: alarm columns (also in EX version), signalling units, air horns, sirens and bells
    • Navigation: BNWAS systems, navigation light panels and controllers, emergency engine telegraphs
    • Automation: Alarm and Control units for Alarm Monitoring, Watch Monitoring, Water Ingress Detection System, High level and Overfill Alarm System
    • Level detecting and measurement: magnetic level switches, level measurement, high level and overfill alarm systems, water ingress detection system, ultrasonic liquid level detectors


ELCA ACS srl has a long experience in the design and supply of intercom systems for the security, healthcare and industrial markets, with many installations in banks, hospitals, jails, heavy industries and TV studios. In particular we can offer the Zenitel intercom systems (ICX-Alphacom and IC-EDGE) and public address platform (Exigo) giving all the necessary assistance and support in the configuration and start-up.