Electronic components

Celem Power Capacitors

CELEM is the world leader in the development and production of high performance and compact power capacitors for medium and high frequency induction heating applications.

Celem offers an extremely wide range of power capacitors and each family is available in many different capacitance values. Assembly systems are offered as well as all the necessary technical support to develop customized assembly solutions.

The combination of these factors gives to our customers the possibility to find the optimal solution for their applications.

The short production times guaranteed by Celem prduction system together with our wide stock ensure to receive the needed power capacitors extremely quickly.


Phamitech produces ceramic power capacitors and triodes for high frequency applications.

Over the years Phamitech products have been appreciated for their high quality.

We keep a stock with many models and capacitances to ensure immediate deliveries.

Vishay Draloric

Vishay Draloric is a renowned producer of ceramic power capacitors and offers the widest product range.


Ixys produces a complete range of power semiconductors, in particular diodes, Mosfet, Thyristors and IGBTs.


Proton-Electrotex produces a wide range of power semiconductors, in particular diodes (rectifiers, avalanche and fast diodes), thyristors (phase control and fast SCR) and has recently introduced also power IGBTs.

The products are available in different packages (stud type, disc and modules).

Sailing Tech

Sailing Tech (International) Limited is a Chinese Company specialized in the production of power semiconductors like diodes, SCRs and their accessories. Sailing Tech is renowned for the high quality of its products. It provides to its customer, when needed, special and customized solutions and a highly skilled service.


Since 1919, Leclanché designs and manufactures high quality power and precision capacitors for extremen environmental conditions and for critical applications in the automotive, aerospace, railway, medical and industrial sectors.

The Company can produce even small lot with short lead time. Leclanché is pleased to support its customers developing also customized solutions and products.


In this section you can find some special electonic components specially produced for ELCA ACS srl.